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Please calm my nervously beating heart!!

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I have a dilemma and need calming down :-) I have a great job offer from a big telco corporate based in Sydney. They want me to get there for the end of June - with wife and kids. They are not paying anything towards the move but the job and salary are very good.


The job is in strategic marketing, something I have a lot of relevant experience in (lots of years), but I do not have formal qualifications. I'm in position now where both my wife and I have resigned due to the sheer volume of stuff that needs doing but of course, we do not yet have the 457 visa as yet. This is causing me to despair as I'm now without income and eating up our savings, I'm reluctant to book flights, accommodation etc as I cant be certain the visa will be approved!!


I have just been allocated a Migration Advisor and will be talking to them soon, but having looked at the forms, I'm just worried that my lack of formal qualifications could complicate this!! Tell me I'm being silly and that it will all be ok .. please!! :-)

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Hello Stevopaul1


Im not gonna say im 100% sure but will say its pretty close to 100% that if you dont have the paper qualification But can prove time served experience in the industry you should be fine.

I have read this before but it was about a Trades person.

Am sure it applies to all, or at least it should. and like you say you have an offer of a job on the table i would say you should be fine, in my humble opinion that is.

Im sure a more informed POI member will be along soon who knows more than I

but i would try not to worry to much.

All The Best


Kevin, Claire, Melody, Jodie,

Plumber Vetassess passed 27th May 2010, SS Vic Granted 06 oct 2010, lodged 176 15th oct. Nov 2010 Given Co, wife Preggers, Sep 20/11 meds done, Sep 30/11 Visa Granted..

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