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Selling a motorbike in Oz

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Hi Its Ratchet here on Chris's log in.


Ive got a Honda Hornet 650cc that i bought out here in Melbourne and id like to sell it now ive discovered the only way to live and not have my neck broken on the commute to work is to drive a car:mad:. The limited time i have off just doesnt allow me to have a day out on the roads and to be honest, if i cant speed around to countryside like you can in the uk, then i dont want to ride. 60mph max just isnt fun


Ive just put 12months rego on. do i need a road worthy? if so where do i get one done? Do i need any other forms, how do i transfer ownership??


I am aware of vicroads, but its never as easy as they say. What happens in the real world. Anyone ever sold a vehicle privately?


Sorry for all the questions!!! any advice is gladly recieved!:notworthy:

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if you want to transfer the rego you'll need a rwc


you could de-reg the bike by going into vicroads and handing the plates in then get a refund for the rego and sell the bike as is un-reg'd


get a rwc is like getting an mot in the uk, just pick up the yellow pages and ring some local garages.


you don't need any forms to transfer ownership just write a receipt, you only need forms to transfer the rego which you can get from vicroads offices in person or print from their website.


to transfer ownership you just hand over the vehicle and keys then take cash from buyer, both sign a receipt.


hope that helps.

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