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Guest pomtobe

It's complicated! 176 / WHV / 457 - Urgent advice pls!

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Guest pomtobe

Hello all PIO people.


I am after some advice and thoughts from you guys. I want to migrate to Australia, but am worried about the visa changes preventing me from getting in.


I am a 28 yr old management consultant (29 yrs old in June) with 19 months experience working for a large management consultancy company in the UK. Prior to this I served in the Army for 4 years, leaving as a Captain. So I have direct management experience within the last 5 years.


I was going to get my Vetasses application completed and sent off on Tuesday morning (13th April) for Management Consultant and then cross my fingers and hope that I get a positive assessment within the 8 weeks. So that would then give me 2 weeks before the July 1st cutoff to get my application in for the 176 (I have a relative who can sponsor me and 105 points). Now this is incredibly tight and clearly a big gamble. The wait seems to be very long, and the main motivation for doing this is to demonstrate to a potential employer that I am 100% committed to moving to Aussie full time, and so I don't have the insecurity of a 457.


I am also going to apply for jobs from the UK. My concern is that if someone offers me a job that is different to Management Consultant would I be making it difficult for myself by having a vetasses already underway / done for a different skill?


If nothing has happened on the job front by mid June, my intention is to quit my job in the UK and move out to Aussie in September on a WHV (I have not used one before). This would enable me to try and get onto a 457 whilst onshore and waiting for my 176 (If I apply). However if the new SOL does not have Management Consultant on it or another similar skill (which it does not seem to have), can I even get a employer sponsored 457?


So, there are loads of questions contained within this post. To summerise the key questions as I see them are:


1) Would pushing through my vetasses for Management Consultant be wise, or could it potentially prevent me from getting an employer sponsored 457 in anything but Management Consulting?

2) If my 176 is processing what sort of current processing time am I looking at (ballpark) and would I be able to get a employed on a 457 whilst I wait?

3) If Management Consultant or similar occupations are not on the new July 1st SOL, would I even be able to get an employer sponsored 457?

4) Why is this all so complicated!!! I wish I had started this off 6 months ago but didn't see the new regulations coming:SLEEP:


I would welcome any comments. I will speak to a migration agent tomorrow, but as there is no clarity on the new SOL, you guys know as much as them at the moment and a lot of you (like Gill) give some really clear and insightful advice.


Thanks and sorry for the essay. From reading other posts there are a lot of people in similar positions so hopefully this will benefit more than just me! BTW, Loving the pro- aussie threads as well. I have been over 6 times, for a couple of months each time and love it!


Thanks again,



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Welcome to PIO, hopefully someone will have some answers to your questions otherwise I am sure your agent will be able to help.


If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.

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Guest ean

Get a WHV while your 176 is being processed. I've applied for a 175 and it was lodged back in November. I'm going over on a WHV on 5th May, can't be arsed to wait mate.


So my advice would be, get your paperwork and vetessess completed and lodged. Then apply for a WHV (should only take 72 hours to get one), and then get over there. If you get sponsered, then bonus. If not, then at least you have a visa application being processed.

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