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Guest Mrs Wrigles

Working abroad virtual expo - fab resource

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Guest Mrs Wrigles

Hi all, just wanted to share with you this site that I have just found by accident!!


Its called working abroad virtual expo (link below) I've only had a quick browse but it looks pretty much like a one-stop-shop as it has all sorts of links to various other sites. although the title inferes that the site is only about work it seems much more than that with all the other links to things like education, banking etc.


I haven't had chance to take part in any of the live chats but there appears to be certain times of the day when you can speak to representatives from a variety of different organisations.


Working Abroad Virtual Expo | Emigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand | Working Holidays | Volunteering and more.


You need to register a few details which takes just a few minutes and then complete a 'compatability test' which just asks you a few more details about any specific information you may be looking for.


Hope you find it useful :idea:



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