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Guest Gollywobbler

UK Clocks Going Forward

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi All


I read in the newspapers yesterday that several psychologists have predicted that millions of people living in the UK would feel thoroughly out of sorts today, with the clocks having gone forward during the night.


I had no alcohol last night and went to bed an hour early. I very rarely set the alarm clock on a Sunday and I left the alarm off. I didn't bother to re-set my alarm clock or my watch last night in case I woke up before 2am and ended up feeling totally confused about what time it was.


According to the clock and my watch it was 7am when I woke up this morning. I thought, "Right. 6am. An extra hour to do things today."


I got up, made some tea, felt well & truly smug about gaining an extra hour and switched on the computer.


Once the computer was fully booted up, I saw that the clock on the thing said 8.30am. I thought, "What is wrong with this bluddy machine? That clock should say 6.30am?"


The penny then dropped.


Now I feel thoroughly out of sorts, exactly as the psychologists predicted......:mad:





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