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Guest samlisinlove

TRA HELP hairdresser

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Guest samlisinlove

Hello again , i know it seems like i keep asking questions but i just want to get it right (thnaks for all you anwser and help) We are not using an agent so any help would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo greatful


i have looked on immi.gov website i am in the middle of employers writing ref and i know you have to have as much evdiance as pos so apart from ref is there anything else i should be putting in with the pack, everyone says that to much is never enough so i am trying to think of what else to put in , i am a hairdresser .


i could contact my old hairdressing tutor to see if she would give me a ref ?


would it help to show school cert s in english , do you have to show your national insurance to a solictor when you get everything certifed just wandering if there is anthing else would help .?


thanks lisa and sam




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Guest Diane Paul and the kids

Hi here is a list of stuff that i provided for my TRA as a hairdresser,i'm self employed.

City and Guilds certificates,letter from accountant saying i am a hairdresser,all my accounts covering self employed period,2 refs from suppliers,ref from former employers,ref from former work colleague,4 refs from clients and a stat dec.Didn't have to show anything from school,and solicitor never asked for a national insurance number,hope this helps.When describing your duties go into great detail,even if it sounds stupid,put it down,the more the better.

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Hi with the empl ref all she wrote was what i am doing in the salon as in hairdressing and also duties as in taking money, keeping salon tidy, checking stock etc. But when i did my own statement i explained where i have worked and what i had been up to within the hairdressing industry.

I had certi copies of all my courses that i had been on and also copies of all the hairdressing competions that i had got invold with.

If you can get hold of your ex tutor then why not not sure about school certi as my agent hasn't asked for them but again if it helps then why not.



GOOD LUCK:jiggy:


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