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non csl ss 176 - approx timeline for visa?

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Hi all,


any ideas on timelines? I know it perhaps a daft question, but really need some sort of a boost! App 175 family sponsored oct 08, off CSL in March09 (or whenever it was, all a blur now), app ACT ss Sept 09 (after changes), received ss ACT acceptance March 12 2010.


Does anyone have an idea on likelihood of getting a CO soon? Meds and PC's not yet done, agent told us to wait until requested from DIAC. I am hoping, perhaps deluded, that as things seem to have started moving for Cat 5's and as our main app was done in 0ct08 that we might be looked at soonish.


Also, does anyone know how long it takes to book an appointment for medicals in manchester? Is it booked up way in advance?



app fam sponsored 175 oct 08, July/sept 09 off CSL, app ACT ss Oct 09, received March 10, on ACT SMP nov 10, on ACT SMP and CO assigned 15th NOv, f**k yey!!!!!! VISA GRANTED 9TH FEB, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!:biggrin:

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Guest VickyMel



Sorry I'm not going to be too much help but you might take a look at the following thread. The first page has timelines of people in the Cat5 visas - plus quite a few details about where we are.




Good luck with getting your other questions answered I'm sure someone will be along soon.



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