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Guest Barham

Energy managers in oz and other dilemmas

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Guest Barham

As a new starter to the immigration process we have a lots of questions and the whole process seems quite daunting. Our background is we are a married couple (both aged 37) with two boys under the age of four. We would like to emigrate from the UK to Victoria State.

My wife is a part-time primary teacher and I am an energy manager. Our questions are:

are teaching jobs still in demand in Australia?

Are energy managers jobs easy to come by and becoming sought after like they are in the UK?

Where is the best place to go to find energy manager jobs?

What is the best option, to try and find a job and be sponsored or apply for a visa and then look for a job in our fields?

Seek state sponsorship?

We understand there is a points scoring system for visa applications, where can we find the scoring mechanism?

If anyone can help guide us with our queries, we would really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Barham

Welcome to PIO, sorry I cannot answer your questions but it may be worth looking at the Australian Visa Wizard: Australian Visa wizard - Visas & Immigration

Good luck


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