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Permanent Resident and new baby born in UK

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My friend and his wife both hold permanent residency visas of Australia. Both have been living in Australia for 1 year. They have just had a new arrival in the family but the baby was born in the UK.


They are planning to leave for Australia in the next 2 months but before they go, they need to sort out the baby's visa. Does anyone know if the baby is entitled to permanent residence status? If so, how to apply for this and what form to fill in? Or is is better to get the baby an ETA and travel to Australia and apply onshore for the PR visa?


Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks,



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They need to apply for a Child Visa for the baby - I think you can apply either onshore or offshore. I am not sure of how long they take to be granted but I have heard child visas are prioritised over other applications.

applied for 309/100 19/1/10, 309 VISA GRANTED 28/4 - arrived Sydney 4/2/11, second stage visa app lodged Jan 2012, PR visa (100) GRANTED 7/6/12, now waiting for babywellie to come join us!:biggrin:

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Guest Mary Cockerill

Hi there


Yes the baby is eligible for PR, family must complete a form 47ch with the babies details and a form 40 sponsorship form.


Submitted with a certified copy of babies full birth certificate, passport information page, passport photograph.


Baby will have to have the standard medical done by the panel doctor.


Certified copy of parents, permanent resident visas and their entry/exit stamps to Aus, certified copy of marriage certificate.


Letter of explanation that they are returning to OZ.


Lodgment fee.


Applications are normally handled quickly.

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