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Guest Ojay

Heading back, but not forever

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Guest Ojay

Hey everyone, how are we all?


Ok, I'm on the verge of getting my PR via the ENS visa... I really can't wait. Any how, I want to head home after it's been granted for a little while, 6 months max maybe. Been out here for four years and am just in need of home for a bit, you know? Good pubs and gravy.


Anyhow, that's not the issue. My girfriend is Australian and would love to come too, sweet! she's used her working visa thanks to a very stubborn immigration officer who insisted she activated it when we went back for a short holiday. It was never used (properly) and the time on it has long but vanished.


So, I'm looking for some advice on going the other way for an australian... is their an equivalent site with helpful tips for going to the uk? ozinpoms.com maybe?! As we may go for a while it would be handy if she could work, both for monetary and social reasons. Without the working holiday visa though we're a little lost as to the best approach...


Any help VERY much appreciated,


Cheers! :smile:

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