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Guest suni123

IT Job for C/Linux developer and/or Linux Administrator

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Guest suni123

Hi all,


I have been going through following portals for a IT job search for a developers position (C/Linux/Unix) or an linux/unix adminstrators position.


p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } www.seek.com.au




The initial impression i get is quite demoralizing, as I could find only less than 5 jobs in SYD from the above portals, which disappeared less than 1 day time before I could apply. Also looking for linux administrator openings, but I could see around less than 50 jobs. This is out of 4k-5k job in IT in SYD.


Are there any other portals / forums I am missing out ?


I also heard that mostly the IT job market works on referrals. Is this true, if so how do I go about networking in a place where I am new to ?


Can you suggest good consutants / HR recruiters whom I should apply with ?


I am a little concerned now. Please provide your valuable suggestions and feebback. Greatly appriciate and help!


Thanks in advance.

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