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Guest GreenSydney

Energy Efficiency Assesments

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Guest GreenSydney

Hi All,


Looking for people to asses small and medium businesses for energy efficiency in Sydney.You will be required to use a software that calculates energy consumption and advise clients on how to make savings on there energey bill and get government rebates for making changes to save on electricity consumption.


You will require,


Mature age, we are looking for people in the 30+

Good communication skills

Have experience in using Microsoft Excel and geenral computer knowledge and own a computer.

Own a car as there is travelling involved

Sales skills is a bonus but not required

Knowledge on electrical items is an advantage

All training is provided.



Please pm for more details

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Guest juliancapadose



I am interested to learn more about the energy efficiencies assessments you posted on Pomzinoz.



Julian Capadose


Please PM me

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Guest peteking1



I worked with the UK government on the roll out of commercial EPC's and DEC's to the corporate sector. I am emigrating to Sydney with my fiance in August 2010. I was originally a qualified heating engineer, but for the last 18 years I have been heavilly involved in commercial/corporate sales and sales/relationship management within the insurance sector. I ran the business London sales and relationship team for the engineering division of this insurer, hence my invlovement in the design and roll out of the Energy Performance Management piece mentioned above. If you would like to speak with me then please by all means PM me?



Pete King

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