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WHV with view to Ens121

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Morning all

Just throwing a question out to see if anyone can help me.

(We are looking to employ an agent -probably GoMatilda - who we were happiest with on our initial contact but we are trying to get our heads round everything first)


Anyway due to oh's job being difficult to "categorize" we have taken the step of contacting all the major companies in his industry in Australia with his CV and showreel to try get some feedback etc. In 24 hours he has already had 9 of the 20 companies show interest ie asking when he will be in Aus etc.


Now oh is under 30 so WHV is an option for him and we think it would be excellent opportunity to go over and get into these companies for short projects to build contacts etc (and beg for sponsorship lol):yes:

We are not married but been together 6 years and lived together officially for past 2 years. We have joint tenancy on our house and we have joint bills but no joint bank account. Oh yeah and we have children (me and kids would be in UK while he was on WHV as we know that WHV doesnt allow dependants to travel)


Now here is the question - if he is away on 3/6 month WHV will this affect our de facto relationship evidence when it comes to applying for us all to go if he gets ENS or whichever route we have to go down depending on new lists etc?


:goofy:Sorry ive waffled on and probably given way to much info but you will all get used to my ramblings!!!




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Guest Gollywobbler

Bumping this question back to the top.





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