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Guest PhilSarahandTribe

Hi - Sounds like we are heading to Brisbane

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Guest PhilSarahandTribe

Hi All,

Just got a job offer in Brisbane so it looks like we will be heading over on mass in a month or 3.


Really just starting to look into everything, but one of the biggest things for us is the education of our kids (8,5 and 2) - I have been having a read of the forums but any advice on good schools (state or private) would be appreciated. Likewise what would be consider a comfortable or good salary for the Brisbane area?


We are not sure of the exact location in Brissie yet but are considering anywhere from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast.


Phil & Sarah (and tribe)

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Guest JohnP

Hi There,


I went through a private education in Australia many years ago. It tends to be religious based, but there are exeptions. The private education system, I think gives a much better start. You will find that there are independant primary schools in most suburbs (or areas) and these tend to feed the nearby local private schools. You'll find a few levels of schooling both at primary and secondary. From the GPS (Greater Public Schools) through to local private colleges, selective state run schools and public high/primary schools.

Whilst there are different levels there are also different fee structures.

Private education is much more common in Australia than it seems to be in the UK.

Perhaps ask your prospective employer to suggest local schools or better still where they send their kids.

Hope this helps a little.

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Hiya congratulations on your job offer! we are south brisbane just back from the gold coast ,been here since november and loving it.My son goes to state school and is very happy ,the teachers bent over backwards to make him feel welcome,the private school around here dosnt really have a better reputation ,just 'posher' uniform and more money!!!good luck with everything

Cal x

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