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Guest jamesjoseph2013

Query on Recent Work Experience & IELTS Validity (Converting VE175 to VE176)

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Guest jamesjoseph2013

Dear All,


My name is James, I have lodged my application for an Independent PR visa "VE175" in "January 2008".

After visa lodgment, I discontinued my job and joined for my studies.

My Nominated Occupation is “TOOLMAKER”

I have a plan to lodge an application for sponsorship from West Australia and

I am gathering information on state requirements.


I will be grateful if I can get some information on below queries –


1. Recent Work Experience for State Sponsorship -


Recent work experience (12 out of 24 months in a nominated occupation) for Sponsorship,

what date will be considered by the state?


January 2008 [Visa (VE175) application lodgment date]




February 2010 [sponsorship (for VE176) application lodgment date]


2. IELTS Validity -


My IELTS Validity expired in December 2009, do I need to retake my IELTS for sponsorship application?



Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated…


Kind regards



James :smile:

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Guest goxian

Hi James,


You better asked this question in WA topic. As for IELTS, guess someone will be able to answer. Also, I think WA does not require work experience, but it is set by DIAC. Also, my guess is that you will need recent experience in SOL occupation, not exactly your nominated. Hope someone will help you with this.



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