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We are in the process of gathering all information to apply for skills assessement with TRA. We have my DH qualification cert and also all info of each phase of his apprenticeship. We also have his current jobs reference outlining pretty much everything he does along with salary and dates he started and all that. However his first and second employer are no longer around and he has no means of gathering exact information from them. So he will have to do up a Stat Dec explaining this which is fine but he cant remember exact dates of starting each job. Will this matter? Also it says he needs third party proof that what he is explaining is true... what does that mean? He started his apprenticeship back in 1997 so its a good while ago and he has been with his current employer now for over 8 years. Any help/advise welcome. Also can a member of the Gardai (police) sign off stat decs and certified copies? Cheers!

TRA passed 28/06/10, 176 family sponsored done myself online 15/02/11 , CO Oct, Meds & Police checks done and sent off 16 Oct, Visa Granted 19/10/11, Husband Carpenter/Joiner - Moving to Brisbane North on the 8th of Aug with 3 lovely kids (6, 3 & 1)

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