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Husband 485,886 bridging cat 5 Dec 09-wife-2 kids tourist visa how can get ?

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wish u every one, My name is Dhani i applied for 485, 886 cat 5 DEC 09 non csl, HR country India

i been here Australia last 2 years,now in bridging visa, i am having 2 kids studying year 8 th, year 11 and house wife in INDIA

i am planing to shift them to Australia by tourist visa for one year by June 2010

then however 2011 JUNE i hope i will get minimum 485 visa then i could join my family in my TR 485 visa

now my question is how i could get one year visa to my family ? pl help me

can i apply from Australia ? or my wife apply from India ? and which one is best way to reach my plane ? pl give idea

i am working in AUSTRALIA as a pastry cook

i missed my family last 2 years so i like to keep my kids with me and after one year we like to send them school in Australia what they like school.


if u give the idea or solution it will be great to me and my family




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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Dhani


Welcome to Poms in Oz.


I promise you that you have not been ignored due to lack of interest. It is simply that nobody on PiO knows how to help you and your family properly.


I understand that you are in Melbourne and you seem to have gone a very long way towards applying for your visas for Oz. Have you used a migration agent to help you with any of it or have you been doing everything by yourself, please? I ask because I am not sure how to help you, so I think that your best bet would be to consult a reputable registered migration agent in Melbourne who knows about the problems which are probable when Indian Citizens apply for visas for Australia. I don't know exactly what problems are probable. I'm British and I live in the UK, so although I am fairly good at predicting what will happen when the applicants are British, I know nothing at all about the problems that other races have in other places.


If you are not using a local migration agent and don't know how to choose one, personally I would use Aussieworld in Melbourne.






Glenn Pereira is Indian and he is Mr Big with Indian Students who go to India. He runs the Culinary Institute of Australia, which is a privately-owned cookery college, I gather. Because he knows about Student Visas and what happens afterwards, he will have dealt with tourist visa applications from their family members in India etc. He would be a totally safe person for you to consult and Glenn is 100% honest.


I don't know who the lady Partner of the business is. At the risk of being rude, she looks young enough to be Glenn's daughter but she might simply be a very young-looking wife (compared to him) or something. Whowever she is, the lady works with Glenn so she can be trusted 100% as well.


To answer your questions as best I can (which is not very well) here goes:


i been here Australia last 2 years,now in bridging visa, i am having 2 kids studying year 8 th, year 11 and house wife in INDIA

i am planing to shift them to Australia by tourist visa for one year by June 2010

Your wife and each of your children would have to apply for tourist visas (separate visas for each person) and they would make the application in India:




That page says that it can take a lot of time to arrange for someone from India to visit Australia. There is also an Aussie Embassy in Mumbai as well as in New Delhi and I think there is a third one somewhere in India but I can't remember where it is. I don't know whether all 3 deal with processing tourist visas. I think the easy way is to contact the New Delhi Embassy, which is obviously the main Aussie embassy in India, and ask them what the score is. This page might help, too:


Where to Lodge - Australian High Commission


If you use the service people called VFS, it may be possible to track the progress of the applications. Their web-info is here:


Australia Visa


VFS do seem to provide quite a lot of information about what to include etc.


I am sure that your wife and children must apply in India, though. You probably have to write a letter but your wife will be seen as the main applicant for the tourist visas, I imagine.




I told the Aussie Embassy website to give me the pages in English but one of the other languages might be easier for you and your wife.


Once your wife and children are in Australia, it would be possible to add them to your 485 and 886 applications as secondary applicants. I'm sure that it can be done but I don't know how to do it.


Does my reply help, at all?





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Gill thanks lot for u r information

middle of 2009 my wife only came to Australia by tourist visa, stayed 40 days and she went back to India, she got 90 days visa only. That time they put the condition in visa "no further stay".

1.Visitors visa rules says visitors can stay up to one year if valid reason.

2.As per Australian kids rules if Aussi 16 years if International 18 years they must have go to school.

so Indian embassy people comfortably will take and consider 2 point only and they will ask y u may not apply children's their own student visa ?.

ok but Indian student visa HR country got very strict norms and this and that. Indian way of house wife doesn't know this kind of things. Then now i am in Victoria when i get PR i hv to move to Adelaide that time only firmly i could chose school for my kids.

When i arrived to Australia (DEC 2007 )after filing application PR 6 to 9 months time frame applicants got PR, so as per this norms i came and studying ,living towards this plane, when i studying (+ 900 hours TRA work experience, after qualification 900 hours work experience) shifting

my family with me would be difficult so i was waiting for finish school.

But now they changed the rules and regulations and time frame says 2012 likely we finalize the applications !!!!.

Ok this may be good for Australian economy. But they didn't consider about international student who came early and sailing in the ship middle of sea.

According to me Australian ship loaded people in over seas with 5.5 IELTS English and received very very big packaging amount for qualification towards PR .

middle of the way now captain said if u want get down into Aus land you hv to improve 6 band English

u must find relevant full time job and TRA fee increase 15 fold, this and that .other wise jump out side ???!!!!! s with huge bank education credit !!!!

ok well and good for u r ship .

Thousands of peoples question is why u didn't tell early or while loading in the ship ?

due to this we lost the 2 years or we loose the other international ship like Canada, USA, UK.....

So associate with this many students marriage got post pone and joining family under presser... bank repaying problems ....

any way associate with this if they give the tourist visa without no further stay to international students family and kids it will be great and we can believe they are care about humanism.

other wise wise we have to remember about Great Hitler rule.


any way Gill once again thanks


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