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Looking forward to New Year (decisions)

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Hello all, hope that everybody is well and having a great new year, am so excited about the year ahead, and am hoping that we get further along this year than the previous year, after having My Modern Apprentice in Business Admin NVQ Level 3 turned down by Vetassess as it needs to be at a NVQ Level 4 and my OH portfolio being accepted and he will now sit his Practical Test in June as Vetassess cancelled the February intake:-


Am really pleased for OH and looking foward to June now:)


My decision is - is what to do with my qualifications, I allready have all of the work experience necessary to be an Office Manager and in the UK my qualifications are more than adequate, I have been seeing a training provider over here, and he has said that with my current job I can complete an NVQ Level 5 in Management, (hmmmmm) as obviously I have progressed over the years, and manage more than just people in an admin environment (something that I would be able to do standing on my head).


My diliema is that I was happy being an office manager, and didn't want all of the responsibility of the NVQ Level 5 in Management to complete - which is comparable to a degree here in England but obviously reflects my experience and job that I do now.


Do I wait for my Other Halfs to do his test, then if want to update my qualifcations do these when I go to Australia, and get a lesser visa and do my permanent visa onshore, are they any easier to do onshore, obviously I could then just do a Diploma in Oz which looks really easy compared to my modern apprenticeship.


Spending 2k to do an NVQ Level 5 at moment, is also expensive.


Any good advice or direction out there!!:biggrin:

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