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Guest manobik

Spouse visa(subclass 309), financial requirement and AoS

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Guest manobik

I am an Australian citizen and married my Nepali girlfriend who is

residing in Nepal. We got married and gave birth of a child. Just to

let you know I've just got the citizenship 1 month after her birth.

Now I want to bring them in Australia. Unfortunately I am unemployed

for about 14 months. I can arrange assurance of support from my

friends here in Australia. I've several questions regarding these


1. Though I am unemployed for 14 months,I did not apply for centrelink

support. Does it have any effect on the visa application? Is it okay

to apply for centrelink support for being unemployed?


2. Regarding the child. She is only 1 month old. Do I need to apply

for her separately paying visa application fee (about $1700 if applied

overseas) or one application fee for my spouse covers her as well?


3. What will be the precise amount of money do I need to submit as

security deposit . Is It about ($2500 + $650 ) for a spouse and a


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Guest Cimbom

I'm assuming you're living in Australia? I'm not sure if applying for Centrelink or not will make a difference as you're still considered unemployed either way. DIAC will likely assume that you may apply for Centrelink benefits soon anyway. As you are meant to be your partner's sponsor, this may raise doubts about whether you will be able to adequtely fulfil this obligation. So, apply for Centrelink if you need it/want to.


With your second question, I think you just add your child onto your application as a dependant. I'm not sure if there's any additional fees for that. Maybe for medicals? Someone else will be able to better advise on that.


As far as I know, the bond for spouse visa is $5000. Although again, someone else may be able to better assist.


Good luck. And congrats on your daughter's birth :)

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