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Guest larabickerton

Adelaide tiler & welsh wanted!

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Guest larabickerton


My name is Lara and I work for the BBC. I am currently researching for a series called 'Wanted Down Under', which is broadcast on BBC1. I just thought I would write a thread to see if anyone was interested in getting involved. I am looking for some quite specific groups of people to have a chat to about their move to Adelaide, Australia.

I am looking for Welsh families that have come here to start a new life.

I am also looking for a British self-employed wall and floor tiler that has started their own business here in Adelaide.

I would love to hear from anyone from these areas or who might know of someone as I have described.

With thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

Lara Bickerton

Adelaide Fixer

BBC - Wanted Down Under

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Guest Mel70

Hi Lara


I think that you need to inform potential immigrants to Oz about the likelihood of them having to afford private secondary schooling for their kids. It is not the same here as it is in the UK where private schools are for the wealthy or reasonably well off. In the area that we live, it is completely the norm to send your kids to private schools for secondary school up to the age of 18 (year 12). The prices can range from about $3000 per year for a Catholic school to $20,000 per year for one of the top schools.


Yes of course there are what they call 'public schools' which are the regular secondary schools where you pay hardly anything and depending on your region, some can be very good but on the whole, most people I know go private.


As far as I know, you haven't mentioned this fact to anyone and it is something that could be potentially expensive depending on how many kids they have.


I can only talk about Adelaide but from friends in other states, I think it is the same.


There is also the question of private medical insurance. We do not have it here and I can tell you that we seem to be in the minority. This too is an expense that can set you back about $200 per month.


Living here is very expensive but it is so beautiful and the people are so friendly that it is worth it!


Best wishes and good luck with your search

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We're Welsh and living in Nothern Suburbs of Adelaide.


We've lived in South Australia for just under a year, we came out to Port Pirie end of Feb 2009, and moved down to Adelaide in July.


My husband is working as a welder/boiler maker for a railway company, and we have three children aged 2 , 8 and 15 yrs old.


We'd be happy to speak to you with any information to better help other families thinking of doing the same thing or purely just for research.


contact through this sit or email nikkinoodlesuk@aol.com



Nikki James

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