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2521-79 - Legal Profs nec

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Im on a 457, wondering whether to try and get on an ENSOL, or wait 2 yrs on the 457 to apply for indpendent visa under another skill (long story!!). I want to approach my employer but only when I have all the info!


I have an LLB Law degree from the UK, and I am currently employed on the 457 as a contract administrator.


Has anyone else been sponsored under this category/going for this? I want to know whether VETASSES need to do a technical interview? Or whether they will just require my uni certs, letter from employer, wage slips etc?


Any help will be appreciated :)

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi there


In your role as a contract administrator, do you work for a firm of solicitors or a set of barristers in Perth? What sort of organisation employs you, please?


The ASCO Code provides the current, detailed information about occupations and DIAC staff work from the ASCO Code. The whole Code of on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. The occupation which you mention is here:


1220.0 - Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) Second Edition, 1997


It doesn't give any specific duties but it gives a list of job titles to go on.


"Administrative Lawyer" in Aussie legal parlance means someone with a Law degree who is, for example, working for the Aussie Government as an unqualified lawyer in the public service, I suspect. "Administrative Law" in Australia seems to include people who work for the Migration Review Tribunal, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Federal Govt of Australia and so on. I suspect that it has a wider meaning than in the UK but I hope you get get my drift.


What does your current role as a Contracts Administrator actually involve, please?


Vetassess changed all their rules on 1st January 2010 as well. The new Rules are here:


Applying for a general professional occupation - VETASSESS


Nominating an occupation (General professional occupation) - VETASSESS


The idea is to make it much harder for someone in your shoes to say, "I am a Hotel Manager", for example. You have a degree but it is not necessarily relevant to the job you are actually doing, in other words.


Please study the new rules very carefully to see where and how you could fit in to them.


The new Vetassess rules might be enough to answer your questions by themselves?





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