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Meetup January 23rd Perth Foreshore All Welcome - Brits Abroad

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Hey all


Just and update we now have 92 members of the group for our meetings once a month. Current RSVP's indicate that 40 people are a 'yes' and 6 are 'maybe' for the next event. If you would like to come and join in the details are below...all very much welcome!


(N.B. The event is suitable for kids, I believe there is some shade there but you might want to bring a pop up sun shade or something of that nature)


Brits Abroad group meetup is on Jan 23rd at the Perth foreshore. Details at the website.




Please bring your own food to bbq and drink to..... well... drink!


BBQ will start at 1pm, we will probably head into perth for a few beers after as well.


Any questions let me know or contact details on the web site.

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