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can you help? Lived in Aus from aged 2 - 13 qualifying for former resident for first 9 out of 18 yrs in Aus. What I need to know is do I REALLY qualify with husband to be and 2 children aged 12 and 7?My dad lives there and in contact with him and about 6 friends also have half brothers and a sister. My mum lives in U.K. It doesnt specify jobs, so WHAT DO THEY LOOK INTO? I can prove all contact etc. IT IS NOT JOB RELATED SO WHAT GOES ON? DOES ANYONE KNOW????????? i am very curious!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou in advance for any answers x

47SV Special Migrant Former Resident Visa Applied 15.9.08 Granted 10.3.09

Arrived 19.9.09 Lovin' it!!

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