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Guest NiomiJay

Gap Year down under! Much better than Iceland.

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Guest NiomiJay


Okay; so I was thinking that rather than obsessing over the fact that I'm trying to get everyone to consider emigrating to Oz for the sake of family and friends, I thought that a gap year after my studies was the better, more sensible option.


I spoke to Mum about me and my sister taking a gap year to Melbourne & Adelaide for a couple a weeks or so, and she was all for it - I have the money for a return ticket, but just not the experience of being alone, or working (I could stay longer than a couple of weeks, so I might get a job there). She said that as long I have a suitable job over here and I'm earning enough money to maybe support myself a little for food and transport once I'm over there, then she was fine with the idea! She said; "it's good to have a goal in life, no matter how extreme it is".


Of course, I did some research beforehand, I found I could afford air travel, but I haven't looked into the possibilty of car travel- I'll be turning 17 this coming Monday, 11th January, and I realize that lessons will be expensive, all the more reason for me to get a job. I'm also not sure that if I do get my lisence, will it be valid down under?


Oh yeah, the Iceland thing! I mentioned this beacuse the price for a return ticket for Melbourne is roughly £600 (you can correct me if I'm wrong, though I hope it's not over £1800, that's all I have!) and there is a far limit to how long I can stay, but before the gap year to Oz was decided, my Geology teacher introduced that will be places for a trip to Iceland this March; six days for £750!! Which is better? I'd much rather stay with my family and friends a thousand miles away from home, than cramped in three star hotel with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a couple of layers; what do you think? Ha.


So yeah; I'm not sure when the trip will go ahead, it'll be sometime after a finish sixth form - regardless of good grades or not, because I'm hoping to do a course in college on Animal Care before I even think about University! Sometime in the Summer - and yes, I know it'll be there Winter when I get there (I learnt that the hard way went I went all those years ago, those whom have read my previous threads will understand, meep!). So it'll wrapped in layers upon layers with a piping cup o' Milo and a stack of veggiemite, syrup, sugar and lemon pancakes! Who knows? Maybe I'll stay a little longer - might find a job, new friends, old friendships rekindled; I might even further encourage my family to finally emigrate if I find enough reasons to stay, the'll have to follow me someday! Heh heh.


Look out Gaynor, Gill, Pat, Andrew, Josh, Finn, Lauren, Macy, Mia, Renae, Hollie, Greg, Tony, Wendy and Steve! I'm coming back!!





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Guest Holamigo

Hey! Well I think you need to really research into it more if it's something you want to do and be a bit more realistic about it all. I also felt the same when I was 17 and there are many gap year organisations you can go with.


First concentrate on finishing 6th form and passing your driving test. It took me a year to pass my test (18 when passed)



Driving in Australia on a UK Licence

If you are staying in Australia on a temporary basis, it is often best to obtain an international licence so that you can use it during your stay. In many states you can drive on your UK licence for up to 12 months as a temporary visitor, after that time you must obtain a local licence. You must always drive the same class of vehicle when you arrive in Australia as that on your UK licence. In some of the largest states in Australia, changing over to a local licence is a straight forward process. The UK is part of an approved scheme where most states will recognise your licence, allowing you to change your licence over easily. This means that all you’re required to do is attend a local driving centre and take a knowledge test, once complete you can change your licence over once you’ve paid the fee. You’ll also be required to provide proof of identity, residency and address.



Also if you are going for a gap year you need to look into what type of visa you need - I recommend the working holiday visa - valid up to 12 months but if you are planning to work you have to have 2 different employers for the first 6 months and second 6 months.


Return flights to Melbourne


Are more likely to be around £900- £1000


I am on a gap year (coming to an end now) and really do recommend it!

Try something like Camp America - which is what I did over the whole summer(10weeks) I worked at a camp in Chicago and it was really good!



anyway good luck with it all! If its what you want to do then get reasearching it! and GO FOR IT"!:jiggy:

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