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SA loop hole closed?

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Hi all,


someone should prob read DIACs news regarding the changes to GSM just to see if im right or not on this one, but the way i read it they have closed the SA loop hole, as they have amended changes to the 175,176,475 by stating that you must of worked 12 out of 24 months in the nominated occupation to qualify. previously for a 40 point job not sure about 50/60 you only had to of worked in a closely related skill or had recent work exp in any job on SOL, hence the loop hole SA were using.


Could be wrong, but if not it will be interesting to see if SA change their list again as they did on sep 23rd. They were the first to change their list within hours of DIAC realeasing the new CSL. agents we spoke with in the past have said that SA are desperate to populate their state and thats why they were happy to use the loop hole? Well we will defo not be getting 475 with SA now:no:

LIVE.....LAUGH....... DREAM.........LOVE

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