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Guest Susie

Work for Sparkies

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Guest Susie

Hi there


I've not been on this forum for ages but I would be so grateful for any help you can give me.


My brother and his mate have arrived to visit me and they are both Scottish electricians. They have not done any sort of conversion course and are on a one year working visa, just planning to go with the flow!!! My brother has saved a lot so does not need to worry too much about work yet but his mate Marc needs to get working soon. He is willing to do anything and is really obliging and keen, seems a shame to be wasting his skills. He has 4.5 years experience (including apprenticeship) but is happy to go anywhere to make the most of the Ozzie experience.


Do you know any agencies, companies etc we could contact? He's not expecting electrician work - "just a foot in the door"...


Thank you so much guys, I love it here!!!! Just want to help others live the dream...#


Susie xx

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Guest chris_mac

Hi Susie


Its going to be difficult to find work as a spark with no licence's. You cannot work as a spark or trainee without the blue card (now white i beleive) First aid cert including resus and electrical training permit.


If any company has him working as a spark without any of the above then he and them are breaking the law not to mention endangering the customer.


He may be better looking for other casual work which doesnt include or necessitate licences!


Best of luck and Merry xmas



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Guest wanderer

His best bet Susie may be over in WA and looking up any agencies dealing with the mining industry or just getting around some of the busier residential building areas and seeing if he can pick up some tradies offsider work for to get a licence he really needed to have had a trade assessment done before he left the UK.


There's a big gold mine project at Boddington, SE of Perth and there could be a bit of shutdown activity in the Alumina industry sites down south as Xmas hols is typical shutdown period for major maintenance projects and work with contractors might be a possibility at either.


Failing those kind of areas, he might look to the agricultural areas and from about April/May, Pearling season Broome way can offer opportunities, some good money to be earnt there on boats for a few months or so would cash him up to continue travels up around the top end and down eastcoast.

Mining/building/pearling/fishing is all specific work and if he does accumulate three months of that in regional areas, he'll be eligible for a second WHV if that is what he wants.

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Susie


Marc needs work now, not in two or three months time, I suggest. The work he is likely to get in and around Perth is casual stuff - bar staff, restaurant staff, working as a tradie's offsider, maybe working as a hospital porter etc but it is better than nothing in the short term.


Bang on doors, I reckon. Go to the bars, restaurants etc and ask. The worst they can do is to say "no," after all.


Whereabouts are they staying in Perth? JB O'Reillys in West Leederville seems to be frequented by WH visa holders and locals alike:


J.B.O'Reillys Irish Pub and Restaurant Perth Western Australia


The place is heaving on Friday nights and at weekends, I am told.


In the short term, I reckon that Marc does not need to go traipsing round WA - where convebtional travel costs (air) are expensive because of the huge distances involved - on the offchance of finding odd jobs here and there. Try the job boards in the nearest Centrelink office I would suggest - you can get them up on-line:


Looking for work


(Albeit not today - I suspect that the IT guys are maintaining/upgrading some of the Oz Govt websites over this long weekend, but keep trying.)


It may also be worth asking Siamsusie whether she can ease Marc and your bro into anything up around Karratha because there are two huge offshore gas/onshore LNG projects happening round there, which are also causing expansion of the town. Siamsusie gets around but I believe that she is in Karratha at present and she is lovely. Really down to earth and practical.




Send Siamsusie a Private Message, I suggest. She is a darling and what she doesn't know locally she can soon discover. I think there is a greyhound bus type of idea that goes from Perth up to the Kimberleys (past Karratha) but I don't know what it costs.





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