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Guest Paul26oz

Does the Student Visa provide a pathway to PR, or is it a con? Need some help

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Guest Paul26oz

Hi, just joined the website.


Well here is my issue, I am hoping some of you guys may be able give me some pointers and help (or closure)


I went to Australia for three month back in 2007. Since my intial three month career break. I have return twice on a working holiday visa. With a break of 7 month inbetween each visa back in the UK. During the two year period in OZ, I worked and lived like an Aussie in Sydney, I held down a good job all the way through. I even got took on by the same firm again, with a pay rise. Once I was on my 2nd working visa, and I was allowed to work for them again. I had an awesome set of Australian mates, who I miss more than anything. I like them was devastated when my 2nd visa was up and had to go home. The airport was 1 of the worst days of my life, for me and them some said. I just got back to the UK and pritty much felt like my life here is pointless an going nowhere, just like two year back.


I have been looking into the student visa thing for about a month. I went to see a migration agent, who told me if I was looking for PR. I would need to start from scratch. My banking/exprience is not worth anything on the SOL list. He also dispelled a few myths I heard over the years as well surrounding PR. So it was money well spent, I guess.


So I have been looking on the computer nearly 24/7 researching websites, going to expo days etc etc. So I am looking at doing a course in bricklaying or Tiling, for two years so I can get the 60 points I need to obtain my goal of PR. Major change of career, but I am serious about doing whatever it takes. People always say you need to change your career totally once in awhile. I have looked at a few places Perth (Silver trowel), Gold coast (TAFE Nambour) and Melborne (Holmesglen College) that run these courses. I can cover the cost of tutiton fees but it will cost me everything I have saved up for since I started saving lol. Plus reading the stories on here, I have read things can go wrong so quickly and immigration change the goal posts a lot. So it seems like a gamble that could fall apart. But I cant give myself a few month to think about it becuase I have reached 28 years old. So I need to get this on the ways as when I hit 30years old I loose another 5 points. Which brings me down to 115 which is no good.


I was hoping to get advice off any other people that maybe going down this route in order to obtain PR or are on it. Plus any advice people can give me in gerneral would be much appreciated, as my head is all over the place with this stuff at the moment.


I not going to make any descions on this till the DIAC, release the changes to the student visa, which I have read are going to happen soon.


Returning to Australia is my dream, and its all I think about from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them again a night.

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Guest wanderer

Like posted previously, deciding on education/training to get PR does have its risks.

There are people who promote the connection but a student visa is a student visa.

Applying for GSM visas may be possible after doing a course but there're no guarantees and whilst some people may see DIAC moving goal posts, of course there'll always be adjustments based on monitoring of many factors and that is why you'll never see any guarantee in respect to any type of visa.

Sure there are guides and have been Service standard targets which have probably not been updated but they are just that guides and targets and both will change depending on conditions at any point in time.

Your previous thread with link to the prior one - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/73313-gambling-risky-student-visa-what-would-you-do.html


Students and General Skilled Migration

Students and General Skilled Migration


Australia has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality education and training. We continue to welcome overseas students, and appreciate the contribution they make to both academic life and the communities in which they live.

People who want to study in Australia may be granted a Student visa that entitles them to come to Australia on a temporary basis for a specified period to undertake study at an Australian educational institution. While many overseas students make a decision to apply for permanent residence upon completing their studies, this is an entirely separate process and there is no guarantee that, on the basis of having held a student visa, a person will meet the requirements to be granted permanent residence.

It is important to note that student visas are aimed at achieving an educational outcome. General Skilled Migration (GSM) on the other hand is predominantly driven by the labour market needs of Australia.

The criteria for grant of GSM visas can change in response to the changing economic circumstances of Australia. All applicants seeking to be granted a permanent GSM visa must meet the relevant criteria set out in the Migration legislation, regardless of whether or not they have previously been in Australia. It is important for student visa holders to note that any changes to the criteria for the grant of a GSM visa would not affect their Student visa conditions.

Students should not make educational choices solely on the basis of hoping to achieve a particular migration outcome, as the GSM program will continue to change and adapt to Australia’s economic needs.

Information about migrating to Australia as a skilled worker is available on the department's website.

See: Workers

Information about priority processing directions for certain skilled migration visas is available on the department's website.

See: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration


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