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Guest RobRat

civil lawyer

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Guest RobRat

I need a good civil lawyer, need to sue a business for damages.


Can anyone recommend someone in Mandurah?


I wouldnt be doing this cause its against my belief, but I have really been wronged and the business has repeatedly lied and perjured themselves.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Guest wanderer

I know being done bad by really gives you a lousy feeling Rob but sometimes you also want to have a clear head on likely costs Vs principle


There's a Vine up in the Daintree rainforest called Lawyer vine and for good reason - there's enormous hooks that work kind of like fish hooks, once you're caught it's bloody hard to get off.


Even if you're right, you may not get costs paid.

And if you lose, well that sinking feeling will be even worse for you could have the other parties costs to pay as well.


A decent lawyer [and you may get 5 minutes for free] ought to tell you up front there's no such thing as right and wrong when it comes to the justice system and only degrees thereof, one guy telling me once that he went into a court expecting to lose and came out winning!

There's the variables on what are facts, how they are presented and then what perspective the beak has of the situation.


And depending on what's involved have you seen if there's a Small Claims Tribunal type system run by a state government department as that could be worthwhile considering as a far cheaper process.

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