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Brissie bound

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Guest krysiajay

Hi All


We are brisbane bound and are going on an employer nomiated sponsored visa, we very lucky to have found someone who wants to employ me,due to the rule changes. We were firstly going on a state sponsored. We have gone from the top of the priority list to the bottom then back to the top.

Anyway. My employer is based in morningside, east brisbane. I would like to ask for any info on good areas to live. I am willing to travel as i get a van with the job but the main thing is the kids get in a good school and the area is not to expensive and it has every thing we need.

A catholic school would be our preference and a good shopping mall for the ladies of the house. My 8 year old boy plays rugby so a local team would be handy and i am a keen golfer so a championship course is a must. only joking a local course is fine.

any advice is welcome wether it good or bad.


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Hi and welcome to the forum


I would be looking at the Wynnum and Manly area to live in. They are by the water, not far from where you will be working, have golf courses, good schools - including catholic schools.


It's not far from Carindale shopping centre which is one of the biggest in Qld.


They are lovely suburbs to live in and you would never be short of things to do.


Hope that helps








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Congratulations on finding a sponsor,, you will be the envy of many,lol.


Have a look at this website for school info,, its a great site and you can choose, state or catholic,public or private etc and it will bring up all the schools in and around the areas you are looking at.

The Australian Schools Directory – The only online guide to all Australian Schools


Hope this helps a little

Cal x

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