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Sydney - near airport - cheap rental - no aircraft noise - is this achievable?!!

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Hi all,


We are arriving in Sydney in December and after the Xmas break we will be aiming to track down a 2/3 bed rental property (apartment or similar). My base of work will be north of the airport but south of the CBD - office location not decided yet, but likely to be Alexandria or nearby.


We would like to have a reasonably decent rental accommodation and are prepared to venture a little further out of the city (say about 30 min commute - ideally by public transport). However, I see if you head south you are getting dangerously close to the airport.


My aim would not to have numerous aircraft passing overhead all day (although I guess this would potentially keep the rent down).


However, it would be good to be close to the airport, as I will be required to fly to Brisbane quite oftern in my new role.


Toughie, but anyone "local" to Sydney - any thoughts as to potential good areas to start looking for somewhere?


Thanks all,



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