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Commuting daily to CBD with motorbike....

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Hi there,


I lived in melbourne for 2 years and used to commute daily to city with a motorbike. It was the year 1999/2000 and I guess it didn't rain that much in those years. I had no problem commuting. When it rained, I used to put on the suit.


Hopefully, I will be back (I'm about to lodge the visa app), but this time to Sydney.


Any bikers in NSW commuting to the city for work? I would love to hear your views :) Does it rain a lot, I mean, is it feasible to go to work with bike everyday? It's just so convenient and efficient :) plus driving the bike every morning is like breakfast :wink:




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There are plenty doing it mate, bikes have become very popular here over the last few years, one of my mates used to ride from Wollongong to Sydney & back everyday to & from work.

They are good when there are traffic jams, but you have to watch the car drivers, they are crazy, I quit riding whilst I was ahead.

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