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Dyslexia help in schools

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Does anyone have information on what help is available for a child with Dyslexia in oz schools both public and private, I am looking for detailed information rather than just that a school has a learning support unit. I have been searching the internet and expat forums but when this question is asked there seems to be no answers or the answer is to general and not on the topic, I am sure there are a lot of parents with kids that would like to know. So if there are any teachers or learning support teachers that can give a clear and detailed answer please help as our move to Australia depends on whether we can find the help my son needs to succeed or not.



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AFAIK dyslexia is not on any state's list of disabilities which would garner additional support. Most kids who have difficulty with reading would be supported through learning support programs of some kind within schools (Reading Recovery or small group work usually). Unless there is an intellectual disability I doubt that a child with dyslexia would be eligible for Learning Support Units which are generally for children with higher level needs. Bear in mind, too, that each state is different and has different eligibilty criteria for its disability programs. Private schools in general have fewer resources available for supporting children with disabilities and so they tend not to enrol them - although of course the Disability Discrimination Act tells them that they have to - and they can charge extra for any additional support that they may need to employ for a child.


If you know which state you would be going to, you can always contact them and ask if there are any special provisions for children with dyslexia but my guess is that they would say that there are provisions in every school for children struggling with reading.


For example this is Qld's page on disabilities Programs and services for students with disabilities

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