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Guest liamandsaff

Sunshine Coast Schools - Mt Creek, Meridian etc

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Guest liamandsaff

Hi There,


We are fortunate enough to have a job transfer up to the Sunshine Coast but I'm getting a bit confused by conflicting info i'm reading on some of the schools.


Does anyone have any genuine info on which could be good schools for my soon to be year 7 daughter (last year primary) and soon to be year 8 (1st year high school)?


The areas and schools which are higher on our list are those in Mountain Creek, Mooloolabah, Buderim, and Maroochydore. I'm now also looking at Caloundra, Little Mountain (Meridian) and Sippy Downs (Chancellor) after reading up a bit more on those areas and schools.


I was favouring Mountain Creek but have now read about crowded classrooms. Is this true?


I'm really keen to get the schooling right - we've shifted our kids around so much and given then more than enough reasons to be seeking out counselling for a very long time:wacko:


Any help or advice would be well and truly, gratefully received.




p.s - advice on great places to live that fit with a school recommendations would be lovely too!!!

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I would PM Kdal, Saff - she knows a fair bit about Chancellor I seem to remember when I met her that she told me it was a very good school.


Sorry I can't help more, we are too far down the coast for you :wubclub:


Sue x

"You Can Tell A Yorkshire Lass, You Just Cannot Tell Her Much "

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Guest ailie

My kids are at Peregian Springs school St Andrews, its amazing, my eldest daughter is going to grade 7 next year which is her first year of High School. Peregian Springs has a lot of property for rent also. We live in Noosa (10 mins away) there is so much to do here, and beautiful safe beaches also. Not so sure about some of the state schools, they are usually open for inspections during the summer holidays though so maybe have a look at a few and then decide, what suits one often does not suit another. Hope you get sorted. Ailie

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Guest Sam Baker

Hi Saff


Have just read your post which I think was from March 2009 (new to the site and still finding my way around it .....!)


I am interested as we are about to move to the Sunshine Coast (Jan/Feb 2010) and I have a 12 year old son, who I am told would go into Year 8 in Australia. Just wondered where your children ended up going and if you are happy with the school?


I've looked on line and spoken to Mountain Creek, Coolum, Chancellor and Maroochydore, but am really confused........ any advice or info you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks - Sam

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we are moving to Peregian in June 2010. I have twins aged 15, year 11 here, year 10 in oz. We were hoping to arrive in the New Year but have been very disappointed with the cooperation of the examining boards and education authorities and have agreed that we should let the girls finish their gcse's in june 2010. My understanding is that if they have 7 gcse grade c's and above they will be able to attend high school in year 11. Do most the children on peregian go to St Andrews? we were also looking at Coolum High school as not sure how much school fess will be at St Andrews for them both. Have you heard anything terrible about Coolum High? Can you give me a rough idea of fees.


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Guest darrentb

hey there,

I live at Sippy Downs (that is the suburb's name... Chancellor park is the name of the estate) I have done some casual teaching in the primary school and know that it is a great school... well organised and nice staff. The High school is also of a high standard. It is only a few years old and they are continually adding more buildings as the school grows. It is situated right next to the university of the sunshine coast.

Mountain Creek.. i dont know about the crowded classrooms, but both the primary and high schools have a good reputation on the coast.

Have you thought about private?

In Sippy Downs you have a large Catholic School..

Siena Catholic Primary School - Our Story

Montessori College


Immanuel Lutheran College at Buderim

Immanuel Lutheran College - Independent Private School Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Suncoast Christian College at Woombye

Suncoast Christian College - Welcome

Matthew Flinders at Buderim

Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Independent School Sunshine Coast, Private Sunshine Coast School

Caloundra Christian College

Caloundra Christian College - Home


I am sure there are more.. but cant think of them at the moment!


Hope this helps

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