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Guest johnlmax

End of 309 defacto and applying for 457 work visa

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Guest johnlmax

Hi All.


Thought I would share some valuable info of my recent application for a new 457 work sponsored visa.


I arrived in Oz on a 309 defacto spouse visa on 20/9/8, this ended a few weeks back a letter was sent to immigration from my ex to advise.


Seems like a picked a good month to break up and they have a backlog at the moment so as of today (25/9/9) I think havent received any communication from them after her letter was received on 3/9/9. Normally a letter is sent to me asking me to contact immigration within 5 days to advise of my plans, then I believe you have around 28 days to get things sorted out or leave Australia, I did speak to immigration and there was a months backlog, so I had effectively 2 months.


I am fully employed and completed my probation at work a while back, I made contact with HR and they agreed to sponsor me on a 457 visa. You have to earn over $45k per annum, I work in IT and have 17 years experience.


New legislation came out on 14/9/9 which meant I didnt have to go offshore to apply for it, in fact you dont have to go offshore at all in any part of the process.


First of all work had to apply for a new sponsorship as my position in the company had not been up for sponsorship before, this took around 10 days and was granted. I had to wait for this approval before I could send in my application, this has now been sent off and it can take upto 4 weeks with 50% of applications being completed in this time.


I had to request my educational certificates from the UK for some courses I completed between 1989-1995 in relation to my job as well as my certificate of health cover, you need private health care otherwise you cant apply.


I have spoke to immigration a few times and you dont need to give your name. Its worth calling them twice as I did get told two different stories, but I did find them very helpful.


Any questions, please ask.



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