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Guest Redaussies

What do you lot think of France?

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Guest Redaussies

My parents, both in their 70's have been going on holiday to the South of France for the past 40 years. My Dad being the one choosing this routine, my poor Mother suffering in tow all these years, and when I was a kid many moons ago it used to drive me mad. Well last week my wife and I agreed to go with them for 5 days just to keep them company.


Boy It was a tough shift, :cry: so predictable now in what they want to do and where they want to go, and having been there a few times before with them we knew what to expect. So it was a pretty boring 5 days. Sad to see how getting old and older can change your lifestyle and more so your personality and how you live your life. as much as these two oldies frustrated me you can'tt help but feel sorry for them. We were pleased to spend some time with Mum and Dad having been so far away for a year, and who know's it may be the last time we spend a holiday together, as I don't think there's much chance now of Dad flying to Australia to see us when we go for good. Who knows?


Just wondering what do folk on here think of France? Obviously apart from Ireland, it's the nearest place to Britain, but in my humble opinion it may as well be a million miles away. Having had a year in Oz, maybe it's just me, but I found the French so ignorant and discourteous in so many ways, so arogant. Also I thought all countries now in the EU had a non smoking policy in public places. Well I have to say it hasn't reached the South of France where we were. People in bars, restaurants and places smoking, staff to far up their own bum to be courteous or polite to people, and expensive, well unbelievable. 4 Capuccinos and a Kit Kat , €17 a taxi maybe a mile, (my dad can't walk far) €10. My wife and I had a bagette and fries one day plus 2 cokes in a small cafe bar, €27 and not keeping on about the smoking thing, but the waiter there had a fag between serving people. We stopped off at one bar near a beach and had 3 glasses of champagne and 1 water, €65. Add to that €330 to hire a car for 2 days because it Peed down with rain and all in all it was a pretty crappy trip. I was glad to get back to Britain.

No doubt about it for us, Australia has ruined us!! can't wait to get back there. Sometimes we knock Britain, but I tell you IMHO :rolleyes: it's a lot better than many glitzy places people talk about.



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Guest June Pixie

I’ve travelled and holidayed in France a lot and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread until I visited Germany. Germany is very under-rated! But back to France - I thought it was quaint and very peaceful until I knew better. France is too big to make everything in it look good; like a big house that has no furniture coz you couldn’t afford any as the mortgage is enormous. If the whole of Australia were habitable it would be like France.


That’s not saying there are not lovely places in France – Normandy is a lovely and historical place to visit and the Franche-Comte area is very nice too but most towns and villages are ghost towns I find – Very very slow pace of life. Infrastructure is very scant but the trains are fast!


France has that ‘Chocolat’ type fantasy that people imagine they could live but in reality we live close enough to it to know better.

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