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Cost of Epilepsy meds and medicals

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Myself and my partner both have Epilepsy ( no we didin't meet in a support group:) And we are just starting the visa application process now, I have spoken to a migration agent here in Dublin (she is on the Aus gov registration) and she has advised us to go for medicals before submitting any paper work.


Has anyone come up against any issues with medicals? My partner is seizure free for 5years and I am for 3years. We are both on long term medication and both have been dischardged from our Neuroligsts care as they are happy with our progress.


Finally how much approx does it cost per mth/per year for medication in Oz and do you have to pay for it all yourself?




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Hi Caroline,


I am currently concerned about my husband as he also has a pre-existing condition which the MOC must be reviewing now.


The frustrating this is that our case manager at the Embassy has gone on holidays now for over 5 weeks! After almost 5 months of waiting for a decision, we will experience another one month delay at least!


Anyhow, have a read through the Medicare/PBS site here which speaks about the costs of medication and Medicare subsidisation in Australia:


Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - Medicare Australia

Overview of the PBS Safety Net - Medicare Australia


And you can search for your medication here:

pbs.gov.au - PBS Portal - Home


Your medication may be named slightly differently in Australia so you should probably search for the type of medication which is written under the brand name usually.


Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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Depends what medication you are taking, my daughter takes Keppra but its not available to everyone here in Aus. Here is the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Web Site) you can look up your drug and see how much its going to cost you.


My daughters is $32.90 a month.


Your meds in UK may have another name here so look up with the ingredient if that is the case.


Handy if I give you the web site http://www.pbs.gov.au/html/consumer/browseby/product


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