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Guest dawn42

Can any one please help me decide ?????

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Guest dawn42

Hi Guys


We are due to leave for Perth 26/10/09 on 457 which I applied for in June.


In May I had applied for State sponsorship for WA. Last week I got it approved which was fantastic.

But really struggling with what to do for the best.


Do we apply for 176 now and hope it gets approved before we go which is a big ask I am sure.

We have already had police checks also I have had my medical for 457 , would I need another.

Also if we went ahead applied should we arrange for OH and 2 Children to go ahead and have medicals ASAP and front load them with application ????


If we applied and it wasnt approved before we left , once in Australia I understand as it is an off shore Visa we would have to leave to have it granted, How long do you have to be off shore fore ???

Also I probably will not be entitled to any leave (from my job-Nurse) for at least 6 months could be longer how longer say after your 176 Visa has been approved would the DIAC allow you to wait to get it granted.


My head is in bits about all this as I know the clock is ticking and have so much to sort out other than this.


Also I have been told there is a good chance my employer will offer to sponsor me 3-6 months after I arrive! So my other dilema is should I just forget about this176 visa and just go on my 457 and hope the hospital does:arghh:

I know I am in a very lucky position to have these options but just do not know what to do for the best for me and my family.


Any advice would really be appreciated.


Thanks Dawn:confused:

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Guest VickyMel


Sorry can't really help you - but bumping this is it worth putting on the migration issues page to see if there is more advice there?

I think I have seen someone say that you may need to be offshore something like 5 days. But could you look into the possibility of lodging an onshore SS visa once you arrive? I really don't know but am sure someone on here will.


Also there have been some changes to the SS processing today which may affect your plans


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Guest dawn42

HI VickyMel


Thanks very much for reply and info on changes on SS that was really helpful.


Cheers Dawn.

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