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Rental coming available in North Beach, WA

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We're moving out of our very nice rental in North Beach after 12 months. It's a 4x2 (or 3x2 if you want to use one room as a study), located 500m from the beach, easy walking to shops (best fish & chips in the area), bus routes, etc. We've been renting for $550/wk but I suspect the landlord will want to charge a bit more. If you're interested I can send you a link to a web page with more details about the house and put you in touch with the landlord. PM me for more details, or email ben at benlast dot com.




Aspiring to Perth. ACS Application sent 07/02/08, acknowledged 12/02/08, passed 11/04/08 (2231-79). IELTS test 19/04/08.

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