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Lady Tottington

Anyone else heading for Brisbane 26th Oct??

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Hi Poms, well it's been a long 18months but the time has come for us. Sold the house move out on the 2nd Oct, booked the farewell party 23rd Oct, dogs flights 28th Oct are booked, notices are written and reality is hitting home. We are so excited but scared of the unknown. I am hoping that this is natural??

I have one small problem to clear up and that is to sell my Horse, I really don't want to loose her, I can't bring myself to advertise her and we are suppose to be leaving in 6 weeks time.

Is anyone else flying to Brisbane from Manchester on Mon 26th Oct,

Look forward to hearing from you :cool:

Sometimes you have to look a little further than your own back yard to realise that you had everything in the first place!!! A valued life experience learnt!!! :yes:

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good luck myself and 2 boys are hoping to fly around that time from Manchester. Who you flying with?

My hubby is already there, he went on 15th August first so he could get a job, car, etc. We all went in january but only lasted a month cos hubby homesick and not in right frame of mind. We all wanted to go back and didnt want to come back to uk. We have let him go first so he can decide if he can cope. He has a job and car and besides a few wobbles he loves it. He is just very lonley and missing us.

So hopefully we will be travelling then.



Warren (37) Jill (35) Liam (16) Jack (11)

VISA175 MODL GRANTED 26/08/08.

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Guest Bettyboop

hi, although I am not flying from Manchester I am flying out to Brisbane on 27th October from Heathrow! just wanted to say I am feeling exactly the same as both of you! excited/nervous!! my husband also is already there he has been gone for two weeks now and cant wait for me and the kids to arrive. He is busy trying to find us a house to rent and a car etc!!! So once you are in Brisbane where are you both headed??


Angie xxx

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Guest sb1

we fly out 28th November from Manchester to Brisbane with Singapore airlines for six weeks (job hunting etc and activate our 176 state sponsor visa) O/H Motor mechanic, me a registered childminder, heading for Sunshine coast, we are staying in Kuluin, wishing you all the best in your wonderful adventure.

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