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Removal men are here.....

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The nerves are now kicking in.........not been on here for a good few weeks as we have been busy leaving our employment, having a good long three week holiday and sorting out our leaving do....oh....and whilst on holiday decided it would be lovely and a great surprise for our friends to marry on the morning of our leaving do !!!


So not got much to do..........


After receiving various quotes from removal companies and getting a 'feel' for their professionalism etc we decided to go with Pickfords. Three excellent men arrived at 9am this morning and have been busy packing ever since.......we have not had to do a thing.......except make tea/coffee's. We have made a great choice in Pickfords.


Our leaving do is on Saturday 12th September, our wedding is on Saturday 12th and we fly on Thursday 17th.......so much to do but yet so little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorting through our belongings, selling things of no use, giving things away has been more emotional than I ever thought - at one stage I sat and cried over all the bottles of spirits we decided we wasn't taking with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This morning I had another good cry, questioning if we are doing the right thing.....of course we are but only when my clear head is working!


Will keep you posted.....



Paul (40), Cheryl (36), James (19) & Francis (13)

Submitted to AIM by post - 19 Dec 08

AIM acknowledged receipt by email - 5 Jan 09

Further info requested by email - 21 Jan 09

Submitted further information via email - 23 Jan 09

AIM acknowledged receipt - 27 Jan 09

Positive skills assessment result emailed from AIM – 9 Feb 09 (letter dated 4th)

State regional sponsorship form posted to Queensland Government – 9 Feb 09

Email from QG confirming receipt and aim to give result in 3 weeks – 18 Feb 09 (agents advise 6 week – 23 March)

Email from QG requesting research of our chosen area, accommodation, school, transport etc – 17 March 09

Submitted research document – 17 March 09

Letter from QG confirming state regional sponsorship - 28 March 09

E-application submitted to DIAC – 29 March 09 (over three days uploading evidence/documents)

Application showing as ‘commenced’ – 1 April 09 (status shows documents still required i.e. not met)

Medicals booked for 29 May 09

Letter received confirming outstanding documents required – 22 April (status changed to application being process further)

Email letter from DIAC requesting further information incl. confirmation when medicals are – 22 April 09

Uploaded all information – 11 May 09

Email received asking for status on police checks – 12 May 09

Sent off police checks – 22 May 09

Completed medicals – 29 May 09

Medicals posted – 8 June 09

House on the market – 11 June 09 (first viewing 17 June)

Police certificates arrived, scanned and uploaded – 17 June 09

Medicals finalised (except one!) – 19 June 09 (all showing finalised on 24 June 09, status shows documents still required, i.e. not met)

Emailed DIAC to say our medicals show finalise and documents still required (2 July 09)

Email back from DIAC confirming all requirements are met and that CO will be in a position to grant our visa in early-mid July 09 (2 July 09)


Booked accommodation and relocation with Jimboomba

Flights booked with Etihad – 17 September 09

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Wow, you have certainly had a lot on your plate but what a wonderful journey you are about to head off on. Hope the wedding and the move goes well and hope you love Australia.



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Guest juliemtaylor

wow things are really happening for you!


Good luck!


Julie x

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WOW, just want to wish you all the best for your wedding, leaving do and your new life in oz, enjoy.






27.01.08 Made decision to move to oz, 10.04.08 Appointed Agent, 27.11.08 ACS application sent, 28.02.09 Passed ACS, 11.03.09 Visa applied for - 175/CSL-IT, 27.08.09 Case Officer, 25.09.09 - VISA APPROVED, YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Oh that is so great - a wedding just before you leave!


Good luck with it all and I hope the move goes really well.








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Guest r17ych

Lots of luck with new lives as man and wife and in Oz!




Raych x

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