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The Questions I Should Ask to Removal Company's?!

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Hi all,


Recently received quotes from a range of removal companies to assist with the moving of our household "stuff" and a car to Australia.


They provide the usual sales speak and provide reassuring words.


No doubt there are questions I should ask but am not aware of (its the "unknown unknowns"!).


Anyone have an experience where they wished they had known in advance so they could have found out.


I guess I am trying to learn from others misfortunes - so apologies in advance.


Any hints and tips would be well received.





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How long will it take ... do they mean the boat reaching port or clearing customs? We were told 10 to 12 weeks - we got our shippment delivered to our door in exactly 12 weeks.


What's the procedure is anything is broken or damaged (we didn't have anything broken but this is something I asked)

I just want PIO to be a happy place where people are nice to each other and unicorns poop rainbows

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