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Guest livejazz

Complex: lots of assets, foreign shares and currencies

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Guest livejazz

Say you have a portfolio of

- foreign shares, canadian, singapore..etc, all over the world.

- assets in the UK, rentals

- gold/silver bullion

- also hold different currencies as cash

- plus do online trading frequently, margin.


I am interested in learning about oz tax, so my thinking so far is...


- rental income and capital gains charged to oz...based on valuation at date or PR activation. otherwise pay CGT to uk...when you sell?

- owning foreign shares is a nightmare under the current rules, but those rules are being repealed (last 2009 budget but i have no details), so I assume I can still hold these shares and only pay tax on sales and dividends. The idea now is I pay CGT on these quarterly even if i dont sell them. crazy! no wonder they repealed this.

- the CGT tax is great if you hold assets more than 1 year, 50% redemption, so assuming a tax of 40%, then its 20% you pay, same as UK BUT, in the UK you dont need to hold for 1 year! so oz is frankly worse if you are holding investments short term.

- gold, silver, i assume there is no GST to pay, and it is simply a normal asset..let me know. is there an issue if gold is held outside country.

- being a trader, does this help you tax situation, should I try to get this thru? i would be interested to know. I assume being a trader means all profits treated as income not CGT. so probably makes no difference!

- holding different currencies, now here is the tricky one, i think i pay CGT on these currencies...which is absurd! not fair, it is cash! my risk. can someone agree with this? uk of course does not charge CGT.

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