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Hi all, my 18yr old daughter who may or may not be emigrating with us want's to know if the 12 GCSEs that she got over here are recognizable over in oz,also could anyone give her any advise on how she can or even if she can enrole in nursing collage in Brisbane.



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No they wont be enough for her to go to uni - they would be considered the equivalent of year 10 here which isnt really up to much, many places ask for year 12. She would need A levels or Year 12 in order to get into nursing here. She could do an equivalent course at TAFE which would apparently take her less than the prescribed 2 years and it may be possible for her to do something at TAFE which would get her RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for nursing down the track - looks like it Nursing training courses Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (Queensland), all Brisbane North Institute of TAFE Nursing courses . Here is a start for uni courses Australian Nursing Schools Australia Nurse Education Programs

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