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Can I get a Car Loan on a Sub Class 309 Visa???

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Hi guys,


I have just arrived in the country on a De Facto Sub Class 309 visa with my Aussie Fiance so im new to this site but it looks like there are quite a few helpful people.


Im therefore hoping someone can help shed some light on my question??


I have also managed to secure a transfer with work and start work on Monday. Part of my job requires me to have a car for which Im given a $17k pa allowance.


As I dont have the cash to buy a new car out right, I want to get a loan. Does anyone know if being in this situation with this visa will allow me to obtain finance either from a bank or a car dealer?


At the moment im running into a lot of "ive got no idea" answers and im starting to get desperate.


My move over here is permanent as we got engaged 2 months ago and are planning on setting up shop here for good.


Please help!?!?!?!?:unsure:

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