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Guest LindyClogs

Importing Land Rover to Australia

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Guest LindyClogs

Hi Folks,


I've been reading lots of threads about importing cars from the UK but am still a bit confused about costs, in particular:



  • If we imported a Land Rover Freelander (that we had owned for 12 months) that cost about £21,000 to buy here would we pay luxury car tax as well as import duty and GST?
  • Would the import duty be 5% or 10%?
  • What percentage would GST be?
  • Would we be likely to run into compliance problems?
  • Would there be a market for the car if we later decided to sell it in Oz?
  • How much trouble would we have getting parts/maintenance?


I would be really grateful for any help anyone can give, we need to decide soon if we should take a car with us or not.

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Guest Hearne_Family



I cant help you with much, here in VIC there are land rover dealers so parts are available, I have seen a few freelanders over here so they are available in Oz, I guess there would be a market for this car if you decided to sell on later

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The only thing to contemplate with selling later is your vehicle would be classed as a grey import, this would affect the value should you wish to sell it on at a later date.


Hubby has a vehicle here at the moment that a family shipped over, we have been waiting for parts to come from the UK as we cannot get them here, however Freelanders are available here so parts should be much easier to come by.


You would have to pay for modifications once the vehicle has docked to bring the car up to Australian spec.


I am pretty sure you are required to pay 10% duty on the value of the imported vehicle.


I am not sure about the LCT but found this that may help,


Luxury Car Tax (LCT) - This is an additional tax and is levied at a rate of 33% on all Vehicles, except Motorcycles and some Commercial vehicles, with a current GST Inclusive value in excess of A$57,009 (figure set annually by the Australian Taxation Office). LCT is only payable on the amount in excess of a GST inclusive 'break point' and will only be levied in very few instances as the 'break point' only relates to cars with a customs value over about £18,000/AU$43,000/NZ$54,000


Hope this helps a bit

Cal x

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Guest Toorak Trev

Personally would not bother


Not seen as a popular car over here and would be harder to offload.


Be careful on your costings but as a rough guide its gona be about £7k on a £20k vehicle.


Better to take the hit in UK bring acoss the cash and do a good deal on a japanese 4wd.

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I have to agree with Toorak Trev, the Landrover is not a popular car over here. Some friends of ours purchased one when they first moved over and something went wrong and they had to ahve the parts shipped over from the UK as there was no where in Oz that stocked this certain part (sorry not mechanically minded so no idea what the part was but the problem was to do with overheating)

In regards to shipping take a look at this article that one of the PIO members wrote about the expereince and costs involved with importing his car: Importing a Car to Australia | Moving to Melbourne

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Guest shorty

Hi, it depends on the age of the vehicle and how much you paided for it, if its the lastest freelander I would be temped to bring it if its the old shape i would'nt bother there are a lot of landys in queensland and lots of dealers so I dont think the parts issue would be a problem you have to take the car to an engineer to get it inspected a compliance plate is then fitted you may need to fit new child seat anchors another import plate is then applied for you then need a road worthy and you can register it.

it sounds worse than it is if you are moving to queensland i can give more info I would think you are looking between $10000 to $15000 including shipping, tax, storage etc remember you need import approval before you can put the car in the container. look on australian ebay at what you can by for that and I think you will have your answer.

Good luck.

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Hi, my mate just went through this. Not really responding to your questions (4 years too late) but this is more something of an update...

The LCT calculation by CalNgary seems spot on, we also need to check eligibility of the vehicle and obtain a "letter of compliance" an eligibility criteria.

I found the official information here:



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