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Guest Pomprincess

29, single, female professional - Sydney or Melbourne?!

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Guest Pomprincess

Hi All


Dilemma - I'm a 29 year old, female accountant. Looking to move to either Sydney or Melbourne in the next 6 months. Sponsorship is not a problem I just need to decide where I want to live and wondered if some of you experienced Poms in Oz had any thoughts?


I'm a country girl who has embraced the city girl lifestyle (but hate London - too dirty & faceless), love meeting girlie friends for drinks/coffee, dinner out, shopping, live music, not a huge clubber but partial to an occasional cheesy disco after a few G&Ts.


Love modern, contemporary style and I'm attracted to a cosmopolitan atmosphere. I immediately thought of Sydney but I'm worried it could be too much like London. I'm coming alone so I want to meet loads of people and make new friends.


Any thoughts on which I should pick? Or any thoughts of pros/cons for either city?


Thanks muchly in advance for any advice!


Laura x:smile:

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Melbourne. From what you have said, Sydney would be too much like London. However, pragmatically, I'd go with wherever you can find a job at least in the first instance.

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