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Brit outside workers and cancer

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I haven't read the link yet as I am in a hurry, but it doesn't surprise me.


Many of us Brits are quite fair skinned, but that in itself isn't the main problem (many Australians are descended from north Europeans, so would also be fair skinned) but we have a totally different attitude to the sun.


Until very recently, if the sun shone in Britain we slathered ourselves in cooking oil or similar, and roasted ourselves in order to get a "healthy-looking" tan, whereas in Australia, they have learned by hard experience that this can be fatal so have taken a completely different approach to the sun. Or at least many have. There will always be some who go all-out for the tan.


It is hard to get our heads around the need to have protection just to pop to the shops or hang out the washing. It all seems too much hassle over here in UK but I think it is essential that we do learn to keep an eye on the UV scales.



Does anyone have that link someone posted recently for the daily UV levels please?


Annette, Steve, Ben and Buddy the dog.

<>< :wubclub:

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I agree, people don't seem to realise that there is a hole in the ozone over western europe, and of course in winter there is no uv light is there????????????

One of my relatives was a tour guide in the 70s and 80s in europe and she has had several skin cancers removed from her face because she always sat at the front of the coaches and the uv rays came through the windscreen.

slip slap slop, people!!! haha


Sue x

IELTS, ACS RPL, Feb 26th 09 175 online lodged

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