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RTA- Australian License for my daughter?

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Hello all,


It seems like ages since I have started a thread, but last night I had a mild panic and thought I better find some answers!


We have been in Sydney since january and have all settled now. My daughter is 15 and has been so excited that all her friends are getting their L's meaning she will be able to start driving in February next year when she turns 16. However when we arrived I went into the RTA to see if I could change my driving license to a NSW license and they said as I was on a temporary Business Visa I would have to wait for permanent residency before I could have one, (which didn't really bother me as otherwise I would of clocked up some points by now with all the cameras here!). I then realised does this mean my daughter will not be able to take lessons here? How can I tell my daughter that she cant learn to drive till we get permanent residency? That could take up to 4 years! Does anyone know if this is right?


Any advice would be greatly received!!!!




Zoe x

Zoe, Nat, Becci, James Dec 07 Business Sponsorship Lodged Apr 08 NSW Sponsorship Aug 08 Visa (163) Lodged 22nd Dec 08 Visa here, fly 12th Jan 2009


, Been here over 2 years and loving every minute of it!

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