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Tourist visa 676 help

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Hi All,


Don't know where to start, my inlaws are coming over on the 26 Dec 09 and are wanting to stay for 1 year (2 years would be nice). I have spoken to DIAC in Sydney and they advised my to complete the 676 Toursit Visa (Application Form 48R) with a letter of invite. Having looked at this application form, question 1 asked for your date of entry and date of departure. If this is the case how could they stay in Aus for up to 2 years on this Visa of which I have seen on PIO threads. Application form 48 (676 Toursit Visa) however does not have question 1, whats the difference between the two Vias's.


Additional Info:


1. Inlaws have got 3 pensions between them (1 Army & 2 State).

2. Aged 64 and 62

3. Savings

4. Staying at my house rent free

5. My wife & I both PR (I will be a Aus Citizen in a few weeks)

6. My Family and I have been PR's for 1 year (I'm Aus Army thats why I have Aus Citizanship early)

7. Inlaws Visting grand children and us.

8. English passport holders.

9. No medical conditions.


Any advice would be mostly appreciated.




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Guest proud2beaussie

Hi Matt,

As far as I am aware Form 48 is for an Electronic Travel Authority version of a SC 676 visa and Form 48R is for a visa label version.

As far as I know the maximum stay on a SC 676 is 12 months but don't quote me on that as I am no expert on the subject of visas however I'm sure that one of the agents on here will give you definete information.

Sorry i can't be of more help,I hope your inlaws enjoy Australia.


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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Matt


Since your in-laws are British they need not complete Form 48R. Form 48 will suffice or they can make an on-line application for their sc 676 visas if they prefer.




One can never say that somebody will be able to get a sc 676 visa and use it to remain in Oz for up to two years. Everything depends on whether or not DIAC decide to impose Condition 8503 - no further stay - on the tourist visas:


Australian Immigration Fact Sheet 52b. Waiving Visa Condition 8503 - "No Further Stay"


You really need to wait until the visas have been granted and then make plans according to the terms of the visas because DIAC's practices with the sc 676 are not particularly consistent.


Are they hoping to apply for onshore Aged Parent or Contributory Aged Parent visas when the first one is old enough to qualify for them?


Family - Visas & Immigration


If DIAC suspect that this might be Plan A, they do sometimes impose Condition 8503 in order to prevent it. Condition 8503 would force the Parents to make an application for one of the offshore visas instead. It is not a huge hassle if that happens but it is as well to be aware that it might happen.





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