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Ive just recived an e-mail from my agent regurding proof of my relationship, what evidence is need etc, but as we arent married and are living with his parents the only things we have are our joint bank acc, holiday itinarys pictures and things like that. But they want us to put into writting how we met? How the realtionship developed? How we support each other emotionally, physically and financally etc


I have knowen my partner sine i was about 2 yrs old been together as a couple since we were 14!! So im struggling to narrow my life story down lol


Was wondering if anyone has a template or have already done this and would be willing to share with me as we have to get another 6 letters from friends and family as well as our own version of events!!!


Any help or advice would be much appreciated


x x x

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Hi and welcome. Don't stress about this please. A lot of people on this website have gone through this and kindly offered up their lists of information submitted etc...All you need to do, is go to the Search box on the right-hand side of the Migration Issues first page and type in de facto and it should bring up a wealth of information.


Just because you don't pay rent or a mortgage together will not be a problem with all your other evidence.



Sandra Maxfield LLB (Hons), BA

www.eurekamigration.com; Lawyer admitted in Victoria, Australia & New York, USA. MARN 1066311

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